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Many times when I look back at my past and my childhood I exam every little negative that I can find.  But a simple little sentence made me, for at least a second, re-exam myself.

I know I had it rough.  I remember days without food, water if we were lucky, electricity was the only constant because it powered the TV.  I have blamed that part of my little world on many of the choices and almost all of the mistake that I have made.  

Maybe it is about time that I start blaming my tragic youth on the success that I am seeing now!  To look in the refrigerator and see about 15 options for dinner; electric, water, cable, house payment all paid a week or more early.  The ability to be a stay at home mother of my three little ones insuring they aren't "latch key" kids!

The person was right!  I have surpassed my past and am helping to prevent it from happening to another generation.  I do believe in anyone and openly support the positive growth of people!

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